3,5 to 6 years: mo-mouse

English play group for nursery children from 3.5 to 5 years

(Group division appropriate for age after registration)

With MeinSprachClub your children experience a personal access to a new language in an English play group. They absorb the language intuitively through their emotions during play with all senses.

The children develop an internal understanding and own confidence in the use of the new language. The power of observation, the auditory skills and the native imitation are playfully promoted. The children unconsciously absorb many new words and first simple sentences.

The children experience with the help of a big recordable hand puppet, which with valuable tips and helpful hints creates trust, a new Maus-2world of learning a new language.

What we would like to give to your children to take along on their path:


  • Develop fun with a new language.
  • Experience language easily and playfully.
  • Promote the power of observation, auditory skills and native imitation playfully.
  • Interact fearless with other languages.
  • Boost of self-confidence.
  • Promote without being overwhelmed.

Our educational concept in the English play group “Mo-Mouse“

  • Is developed by educational professionals
  • Guarantees a sensible concept for the early linguistic promotion

Mo-Mouse accompanies the children with valuable tips during learning languages

Mo-mouse flashcards01

Aids to help with the teaching structure

  • an approx. 60 cm high recordable hand puppet accompanies with valuable tips through the new world of learning the language.
  • plain and coloured flashcards, pictures for colouring in, dictionary page (picture and English word), fairy tales
  • Child songs with music sheets, affectionate mandalas to stimulate imagination

What we distinguish ourselves by:

  • Free trial lessons on site in the particular facility
  • Teaching units appropriate for age
  • Small learning groups of 2 to 10 children
  • Gliding price scale according to group size
  • Modern and inexpensive teaching materials, aimed at the age of the children and their sensory experience
  • Certified teachers (native speaker or speakers on native speaker level, educationally qualified)
  • Learning by games, songs and stories with lots of movement and music
  • Long-standing practical experience in English early education
  • among other things learning support under Edu-Kinestetik – BrainGym ® aspects



Our course subjects:

With Mo-Mouse the children win themselves playfully the subjects:

  • introduce yourself and others
  • parts of the body; clothes
  • Colours and numbers
  • Animals (pets); visit to the zoo (animals at the zoo)
  • Packing a suitcase; going on holiday
  • Getting up; in the bathroom; at breakfast; at the playground;, going to bed,
  • Shopping and Dinner at the restaurant (fruit / vegetables, dishes)
  • Seasons and the weather
  • Holidays (Halloween, Easter and Christmas, mandalas for the subjects Animals, Autumn, – – birthday and starting school
  • Childrens songs such as: Rain Rain Go Away / Red, oh red,/ Row, row, row your boat,…

With songs and movement exercises, which connect both brain hemispheres, shared activities and telling of stories, we stimulate an experience of the language inside and words are used properly intuitively.

  • The lessons take place once a week for 45 minutes.
  • The teaching fee is according to the group size
  • Reduction with BS voucher.
  • Beginning of the courses: February, September or entry in an ongoing course possible. Terms of 6 months or 1 year, continuous extension possible.

We would welcome an early registration

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