Our method of learning via play has proved itself successfully over the years. “Our children“ experience a personal access to a new language, and absorb the language intuitively through their emotions during play with all senses/ through their emotions.
Your children are going to develop

  • an inner understanding and confidence in the use of a new language.

Promoted via play are

  • the power of observation
  • the auditory skills
  • and the native imitation.

They unconsciously absorb many new words and first simple sentences.

Our highly qualified and specially trained lecturers speak predominantly in the new language with the children. With the help of songs, BrainGym movement exercises, which connect both brain hemispheres, shared activities and the telling of stories, we stimulate an experience of the language inside and words are used properly intuitively.

„Our children“ gain an early lifelong knowledge of a new language and as a result they are reinforced in their self-confidence. They develop quite early a consciousness for other cultures and achieve a greater performance at school.

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