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Short film “introduce yourself” to watch click here hello my name is

  • Playful contact with a new foreign language
  • Help with small “starting difficulties” at primary school
  • Support for very curious and linguistic gifted children in school year 1 + 2  

Thanks to our school system in North Rhine-Westphalia, your children learn already very early the first English words and dive into the English culture early.

“English” is known as a language to be learnt easily, at least this is claimed. Nevertheless sometimes small starting difficulties occur and your children need a little bit of help or your child is very interested and linguistic gifted and would like to learn more.

Our courses are originated with this background knowledge:

  • Developed by educational professionals
  • Supported by professional educational material
  • Guarantees a sensible concepts for the linguistic early support

Contents of the lesson plan:

The first motivating and playfully contact with the new language is supported by:

  • Picture stories for learning the basic vocabulary
  • Motivation and vocabulary training with the help of cartoons, which make the children smile.
  • Learning games, incentive to talk, listening comprehension exercises, writing and reading exercises
  • an exciting trip to England with “Ben’s journey” (Appealing drawings enable quite young children an easy access to the foreign language)
  • Crossword puzzle to the test and reinforce the vocabulary
  • Storytelling with exercises for the vocabulary, speaking and listening comprehension
  • exercises for reading and writing of words or easy sentences and fairy tales
  • and English child songs

For listening click here  “sing a song”

What we would like to give to your children to take along:

  • Develop fun with a new language.
  • Experience language easily and playfully.
  • Promote the power of observation, auditory skills and native imitation playfully.
  • Interact fearless with other languages.
  • Boost of self-confidence.
  • Promote without being overwhelmed.

Whereby we distinguish ourselves:

  • Free trial lessons
  • Age appropriate teaching
  • Small learning groups of 2 to 10 children
  • Gliding price scale according to group size
  • Modern and inexpensive teaching materials, aimed at the age of the children and their sensory experience
  • Certified teachers (native speaker or speakers on native speaker level, educationally qualified)
  • Learning by games, songs and stories with lots of movement and music
  • Long-standing practical experience in English early education
  • among other things learning support under Edu-Kinestetik – BrainGym ® aspects

What you can expect:

  • Motivating lessons for a very easy entry into the English language aimed at children at primary school.
  • Simple subjects for an easy start, supported by games and lots of work sheets
  • simple fairy tales and stories, supported by easy video clips
  • English reading training with a vast range of working material
  • The lessons take place once a week for 45 minutes.
  • The teaching fee is directed after group dimensions
  • Reduction of the fee with BS voucher.
  • Beginning of the courses: February, September or entry in an ongoing course possible. Terms of 6 months or 1 year, continuous extension possible.

We would welcome an early registration

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