Mother from Warendorf: “It is really great to see what my child already knows. During our summer holiday in the sunny south, my son was able to order his drink at the Kids Club all by himself. And that despite he had only learned the phrase a week before in his English play group. “May I have a Fanta, please?” I’m hungry, may I have a hamburger, please “.

Father from Sassenberg: “It is really great, now my children grow up naturally with three languages. They are able to speak our Family language Russian, they grow up with her native language German, and now they easily learn English. A great asset for their future careers. And they learn so quickly, when the children are still small. I personally, as an adult, find it much harder to use new languages.. “

Child from Freckenhorst: “Learning English with you is a lot more fun than in the other school. My favourite is when we sing altogether the English songs. “

Child from Ostbevern: “Oh, when do we have English lessons again. I would love to come every day. “

Mother from Ostbevern: “Great teaching, thank you for your commitment. Your lessons are really playfully and yet so intense. I would not have thought of it before. I thought “they only play, do they learn something? But yes, that is the way it is. “

Schoolchild from Sassenberg: “In my report my English grades have improved by a whole mark. And the best of it, I am able to use my English independently and on my own. Also I am no longer afraid of using it, because now I know that I can do it. “And my favourite teacher always has lots of time for me and is so patient with me.”

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