At what age should children start to learn a foreign language?

The earlier children learn a foreign language, so much easier language acquisition will be for them. Current studies show children, who did hear a foreign language early in childhood, hold a more correct pronunciation and grammar later on in life.

Until the age of six, the child’s brain is open to language acquisition. During this time, children learn their mother tongue and foreign language incidentally through imitation in everyday life. That is the reason why science suggests an active learning support in early childhood.

By learning languages at an early age the intellectual capacity is expanded, not only in terms of language acquisition, but also the learning and mastering of new skills is supported.

We support children's learning in a natural way. What exactly is meant by this?

From birth onwards children learn to communicate with their environment. They listen and try to imitate the people around them.

With the help of continuous repetitions of new sounds, syllables, first words and in the end first sentences the children make a daily progress.

If the children experience enthusiasm from their parents and members of the family their development is supported and the children are encouraged to continue they natural urge. At the age of two or three the children are able to express themselves in their mother tongue. The language acquisition occurs naturally. Equally when learning a foreign language.

What's so special about learning languages early with MeinSprachClub?

There are good reasons that MeinSprachClub is the right choice for your child.

  • MeinSprachClub takes into account the individual learning styles of children. With games, movement, music and lots of fun, the children’s natural joy of learning and their ability to literally soak up languages are enhanced.
  • MeinSprachClub puts a great attention to experience learning foreign languages as a comprehensive learning experience within the field. We search extensively and make a selection that corresponds to our demand of a highly qualified learning material.

Ideally, the children start as early as possible with learning foreign languages and get better over the courses.

  • At MeinSprachClub teaching is taking place in various group sizes as desired. Our recommendation is to learn in small groups of four to eight students. You are going to benefit from learning together in the group and furthermore we can focus on each student individually and there is plenty of time for individual talk.

An important point at MeinSprachClub: our teaching staff, highly qualified language teachers, native Speakers, educational professionals, professionals for special needs education, professionals for linguistic education, professionals trained to support learning under Edu Kinestetik aspects form together a team which is in a constant exchange. All teachers participate in regular further training and share our vision: “Our main priority is to motivate children, teenagers and adults, to share the passion for languages. To create a secure environment in which children can trustfully open up to a new language via play, in which teenagers are supported in their everyday school life by sympathy and stimulation and in which people with a global way of thinking get together.”

Ideally, the children start as early as possible with the teaching of foreign languages and getting better over the courses.

Can my child learn English, although it still does not speak?

Shortly after birth the learning process of children begins, if not earlier. Before they are able to talk, they pick up the sound and melody of language itself, in order to form words themselves later.

From which age should children learn systematically English grammar?

From research we know, that children up to the age of 7 are able to learn easily different languages, when they listen to word and sound of the language. They internalize the grammar which they need for understanding and communication themselves.

During the courses for younger children we do not practice grammar. Similar to the acquisition of the mother tongue grammar is learned through repeated listening and speaking. The emphasis is that children have fun and learn the language naturally, so they are able to communicate in English.

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