German, actually quite simple

During this course, the in itself difficult language becomes suddenly transparent and brilliantly simple. But we also support linguistically weaker people with German as mother tongue.

We motivate with the help of clearly structured and age-appropriate and comical/witty illustrated material.

So young people are engrossed with a lot of desire and motivation in the task and learn the basic skills, which will be useful for them in later life.

Basic Course: The material introduces 7 pupils whose mother tongue is not German. Their experiences and conversations encourage students in discussions and writing.

Verbs: we practise:

  • the use of verbs
  • nouns
  • pronouns & adjectives:
  • develop a story with the help of nouns
  • sort nouns by singular and plural
  • Personal pronouns are substitutes
  • Pronounsalad, adjectives
  • unchangeable words:

unchangeable words are challenging and we will be addressing questions such. as when do we use “an” and when “am”? Is “auf dem” or “auf den” correct?

  • Exercises for self-monitoring

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